Location: Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Ph. No: +91 814940004
Estd: 2003

We owe responsible & good citizens to the society. According to Milton Rokeach: “A value is an enduring belief that a specific mode of conduct or end state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or end state of existence.” While imparting education we are aware that professional training will help students to get successes in their professional life , but value based legal education will transform students into responsible citizen which will lead society for development. Education without values is meaningless. Our Indian Constitution aim for Welfare State and it can be achieved through value-based education. Presently society is hemmed in problems like unrest, violence, castesizm, corruption and the only way to lessen these problems is value based education. Therefore, we at SCLC, wish to nurture our students in such way, which will transform our students in all the virtues of Profession, Human values, environment consciousness & responsible citizen.

We aim to emerge as an Institution of Legal Education with student centred outcome that emphasize the pursuit of excellence in legal fundamentals and preparation for professional practice. We wish to cross barriers of traditional teaching-learning methodology and want to give maximum exposure which is required for students. SCLC is focused to provide practical hands through training that will enable the budding lawyers to successfully enter, hold & sustain themselves in this noble profession of law. AT SCLC, we cater to students from different background i.e. from rural to cosmopolitan. Variety of students demands different teaching pedagogies and input from the institution. Law being a professional course requires that students should be exposed to practical utility of Law, well versed with modern technology, well trained & well groomed and can sustain themselves in this noble profession of Law.

We at SCLC strive to bring all students on equal footing by providing opportunities for overall development of students & make them acquainted with skills and practices which are required in this profession. A law college is dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare, and Justice through knowledge of law and be compassionate members of the society.

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